Shipping Details

We ship our products to most countries, including Australia, Canada, USA and Europe.

All parcels/packages are sent very discreetly.  If your order is to large to fit in a small package we will break it down into smaller parcels to avoid any suspicion.  All items are packed carefully to ensue the parcel gets to you safely and we never put on the package what the contents are or anything to imply pharmaceutical contents.  All parcels are very discreetly packaged.

Any loss or seizures are not the responsibility of Muscle Medicine and no refund will be given.

We will send your order to the address provided by you on your order (please ensure your address is correct).  If the address is incorrect we, Muscle Medicine, will not be responsible and your order will not be refunded or reshipped.

Good are usually delivered within 7-14 business days but delays are still possible and out of our control. We are not resposible for any costs, damages, extra charges, or losses.

All deliveries/orders to not returnable.

Please allow 30 days from the date of order for delivery.

Upon delivery, if the shipment is not what you ordered or the delivery is incorrect in any way you have 14 days to let us know.  This must state your order number, and missing or incorrect items. If we have shipped the order short or incorrectly we will send the shorage or correct item.  Please note, some items we may not have stock of during ordering, if so, we will notify you and give you the option of an alternative item.

Restrictions vary from country to country and in countries like USA from state to state. If you have any doubt about importing the items sold on our website you are advised to consult your local FDA, Customs or Doctor. We accept no responsibilty for your country or area requirements and you order our products accepting you are responsible for understanding your local restrictions, etc and abiding by them.

Prices are subjected to change according to currency rates. Any prices changes are done so without any further notice. 

Availability of all of our products is subjected to change without any further notice. 

Processed orders are not refundable. 

After placing your order on our website, you will receive an email that shows your order number, details of your order, shipping address (please ensure this is correct) and any other information.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, packaging or postage, please email us: