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Product Code: 10090

Manufacturer: Unigen Life Sciences

Proviron / Mesterolone - Being an almost pure DHT steroid, aromatization is not a worry. Reduces depression and anxiety. Can boost sex drive and low libido. Increases free testosterone circulating in the body. Can be used to harden the body and give a drier look for competition.

  • Condition: New
  • Active ingredient: Proviron / Mesterolone
  • Packet contents: 1 box of 50 tablets
  • Tablet or amp/vial contents: Each tablet contains 25mg of Proviron / Mesterolone
  • Recommended dosge: 25-75mgs per day

Compound charactistics chart:

Proviron / Mesterolone Description:

Proviron can be used on cycle when using an aromatizing compound such as dianabol, testosterone, nandrolones, or equipoise to help enhance the physique. In fact, a user can expect to have a harder look, more vascularity, and less puffiness when stacking proviron with a wet compound, like dianabol, etc.

Another benefit of proviron is that it binds very well to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which is the hormone responsible for reducing free testosterone circulating in the body. This is probably the reason why some use proviron during PCT.

Those that compete will appreciate proviron's hardening properties. Since proviron is 5-alpha reduced and not capable of forming estrogen, it will help give a drier look.

Proviron / Mesterolone Application:

Since it has no anabolic properties, proviron is worthless when used alone by a bodybuilder. However, when stacked, it can turn a wet compound into a perfect balance of size and hardness for your muscles. For example, stacking dianabol with proviron would help to reduce the water retention and bloating associated with dbol.

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